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The NBA Schedule Hurts Their Fan Base

There has always been debate about the scheduling in basketball. Many argue that the scheduling needs a change. Others state that the scheduling is fine. The main issue with the current scheduling is when players are getting rest. Back to back games are causing coaches to rest star athletes. It has caused some concern from the NBA. Lately, many notable names associated with the NBA have been vocalizing their thoughts on the subject.

Doc Rivers, the head coach of the LA Clippers, is just one of many who are making their opinions heard. In a recent game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Doc Rivers’ team saw a plus to having star players getting rested. The Cavs rested LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love that game. The Clippers easily toppled the Cleveland backups. Even though his team won, Doc Rivers was critical of the NBA scheduling that caused the Cavs to feel the need to rest their stars.

In a report from, Rivers made it clear that he wasn’t upset with the Cleveland coaching staff. However, he was critical of the NBA scheduling a team to play back-to-back nationally broadcasted games. In that same report, Rivers mentioned the true victim of the current NBA scheduling: the fans.
When a team has to play on national TV for two days in a row, the fans ultimately suffer. Coaches and team medical staffs will want to ensure the players aren’t getting overworked. If that means sitting a player, or limiting minutes, then so be it. They don’t care if it’s on TV across the country. They are there to ensure the safety and health of their players.

But when the fans want to watch LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, they get upset when those marquee players are riding the bench. It really stinks for the fans that actually take the time to buy tickets to the game, pay for parking, and hit up the concession stands. Could you imagine their reaction when they finally get to their seats? What about the little kiddos that were probably pumped to see their favorite player?

Karl Malone, a former player and two-time NBA MVP, has essentially told players to suck it up. He is among several other people that are tired of seeing NBA stars getting rested.

Malone reportedly told ESPN’s Sage Steele “If you don’t have at least 10 years experience, get your ass playing. It’s not work, it’s called playing. Besides, tell our underpaid service members and police and first responders to rest. Dammit, they can’t.”

The NBA has often times told teams that the association isn’t happy when they sit their stars. While I can understand that the NBA wants to display a certain quality of product, they are hurting themselves. Spread out the schedule and cut out back-to-back nationally televised games. That’s a start to making both sides of this argument happy.

One basketball team tough enough to handle any issue, is the El Paso Luchadores.


This basketball club logo takes on the name of the rich Luchador tradition that dates back to the early part of the 20th century. The popularity of the Luchadores has spilled over not just to wrestling but also to cartoons and movies. Many Luchador wrestlers are heroes in their culture and you will look like a hero by sporting this soft, funny and cool El Paso t-shirt with vibrant colors. Add this super soft tee to your t-shirt of the month club order, and wait for it (and any other awesome shirt you pick) to arrive on your doorstep at the first of every month!

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The USA WBC Logo is Awesome

The World Baseball Classic is underway. Every four years, we see nations from all across the globe gather together to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Speaking of America, the United States has put together one impressive roster for the WBC.

Chris Archer, Sonny Gray, J.A. Happ, Andrew Miller and Marcus Stroman highlight the pitchers that are representing the red, white and blue. Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen, Ian Kinsler and Nolan Arenado are a few of the key position players on Team USA. With names like this, the United States appears poised to be able to take home the Championship.

Of course, here at Awesome Logos, we would be remiss to not mention the Team USA logo. In comparison to the other countries participating in the WBC, America clearly has the best look. Maybe we’re a little biased, but the truth is the truth! Let’s take a look at what the United States brings to the table, as far as their logo is concerned.

Logo courtesy of

Beautiful and simple. Two outstanding qualities for a sports logo. And the US has both! This logo has been in place for Team USA since 2006. The interlocking “US” lettering breaks the monotony of traditional side-by-side lettering. It is similar to the interlocking lettering found in the logos of the San Diego Padres, Colorado Rockies and Chicago White Sox.

At the background of the logo, we see a silver star. The star has been an important image in American history. As our current flag contains 50 stars, for each of the 50 states, the Team USA logo has just one star. It represents the unity and solidarity of the team, as players from 50 states can come together as one. The star is trimmed in red, the same red representing valor and hardiness in the American flag.

All in all, this Team USA logo is AWESOME! And the lineup the team has put together is just as impressive. Be sure to watch Team USA take on other countries from around the world, and bring the Championship back to the land of the free and the home of the brave!

What better way to show off your love for the game of baseball, and your respect for the soldiers who make this country the land of the free and the home of the brave, than with our Dallas Doughboys tee!


A Doughboy is a term used to describe an American soldier. This term dates all the way back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Some say it originated because many noticed that U.S. forces were constantly covered with chalky dust from marching through the dry terrain of Northern Mexico making the men look like unbaked dough. There are many other theories on the nickname, including how the infantry baked with rice and dough during war rations.

Either way, these guys were much tougher than the popular biscuit maker seen on commercials. There are some real cool features about this logo including a rifle that is actually a bat. We love the history and the look of this awesome Dallas sports t-shirt!

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The Angels Enter Sports Logo Spotlight

There are few Major League Baseball teams with the unique variety of past logos that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have. They have had ten logo changes since their beginning. Today we’ll focus on four of them. But first, we get in an Angels mood with the best player in the MLB, Mike Trout.

The Halos, as they are so rightfully nicknamed, were established in 1961 as an expansion team. Their original owner, the great Gene Autry, bought the name Angels from a Minor League team in the Pacific Coast League. Their initial emblem was pretty on-par with other 60s era sports logos.


Logos Courtesy of

This particular image was pretty busy, featuring several different images and meanings to look at. The background of the logo was a green diamond, representing the baseball field. Layered just above that, was the standard baseball image with a golden, or yellow, halo above it. Feathered wings sprout from each side of the baseball, appearing cocked and ready to take flight. And to top it all off, in red lettering, the script “LA” stands front and center of the whole thing.

As the team evolved, the logos had to evolve with them. In 1965, the team was renamed to the California Angels, as they prepared to play in a new city in the upcoming season. As they team moved to Anaheim, and changed their name, a new logo was much needed. Instead of completely revamping the entire image, the Halos changed the letter “L” to the letter “C” for California. A handful of years later, the Angels did end up changing their entire logo, better representing their new California Angels name.


This logo definitely follows my No. 1 rule of simplicity. As seen with this new image, there is an outline of The Golden State as the background. The same golden, or yellow, halo adorns the top left corner of the California state outline. And in the middle, running slanted with the shape of the state, we see the red lettering “Angels” standing out above all else. And not to go unnoticed, a red star pinpoints the city of Anaheim.

In 1997, the Walt Disney Company took control of the team. They extensively renovated the stadium, and the city of Anaheim contributed $30 million of the $118 million cost. They had a condition though, and that involved another renaming. The requirement was that the stadium and the team had to contain the city name. As such, the Angels were renamed the Anaheim Angels and a new logo was to come.


This logo is one of my personal favorites of the Angels past. Crossed bats sit at the back of the image, with a light blue home plate layered just over them. At the top edge of home plate, the newly added city name rests in white lettering. “Anaheim” is spelled out, meeting the city’s requirement for the stadium renovations. The word “Angels” received a new font, making it much more appealing to the eye. The lettering is slanted slightly upwards to the right, as if it is getting bigger towards the end. My favorite part of this image is the wing. I love the fact that the club worked wings back into the look, seeing a much more modern version of the feathered wing adjacent to the “A” in Angels.

One last logo change was to come for the Halos, and that was in 2005. New owner Arturo Moreno wanted another name change, adding “Los Angeles” back into the name. He was hoping to reach the LA fan base from the team’s past, and spread to a wider demographic. In fact, Los Angeles is the second largest market in the United States. I don’t blame him for trying to tie in the city. However, Moreno had to keep the city of Anaheim’s requirement as well. As such, the team was named the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. There was a backlash with this renaming, from the city of Anaheim most especially. The city took the matter to court, opposing having Los Angeles in the name. Courts favored Moreno in the matter, and the new name stuck. And of course, with a new name came a new logo. That’s the Angels logo we all know and love today.


This image is short and sweet. It’s the ideal, simple design that makes logos great. A firm, bold letter “A” is the forefront of the image. Interpret it as you please. The “A” could stand for Angels, Angeles (the city of LA), or of course, Anaheim. Either way, all parties should be pleased in the lettering. Though this image doesn’t feature the wings that I personally find awesome, the brought back the halo. It’s probably best to have the halo in the long run, as it attributes to the amazing nickname “Halos” that the fans love so much.

Even though the state of California has several Major League Baseball teams, our favorite California logo comes from the California Crazy Eights.


Have you ever wondered why there isn’t more Octopus sports logos? Well there is now! Awesome Sports Logos is proud to introduce the California Crazy Eights (also known as the California Ocho Locos). Off the coast of the Golden State on the Pacific Ocean floor is an eight-legged creature that is truly fascinating. Most common is the California Two-Spot Octopus. In case you’re ever asked to identify a Two-Spot, just point out… well, never mind, no one will ask you.

We love this cool California t-shirt. This octopus means business. Only two tentacles are occupied with a ball and a bat, and that means you better keep an eye on the other six!

This super-soft tee would make a great gift for any baseball fan, especially now that Spring Training is here! You could even buy it for yourself, and at a discount too! Add this tee to your t-shirt of the month club subscription, and get amazing discounts and regular deliveries!

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Spring Training Sports Logos Spotlight

Now that the football season is over, sports fans can look forward to Major League Baseball. Spring Training is finally here, and teams have announced their kits for the Cactus League and Grapefruit League. MLB has found a great revenue source with Spring Training gear, specifically their baseball caps. Whether you like them or not, you have to hand it to Major League Baseball. All of the cap and other gear are available at In my opinion, the logos that some of the teams decided to use are amazing while others fell a little short. put out a great article featuring some of the Spring Training caps that are going to be used this year. I want to take a look at a couple of these cap logos that the Major League teams should think about implementing as their primary logos.

First off, we have the Seattle Mariners. Now, this team needs improvement on their primary logo in a desperate way. Once I saw their Spring Training look, I was shocked. It’s absolutely AWESOME!


Hat Photo Courtesy of

This logo is a throwback to their previous trident logo, which ran from 1981 to 1986. It’s a modern, revitalized reworking of that look from the 80s. This thing is just phenomenal. The trident is upside down, giving their clear resemblance of the letter “M” for Mariners. What a fantastic way to make a logo represent the actual team name, and what the team name means. A mariner is a sailor, and the team should honor that with a clear logo of the sea. Nothing does that better than this trident, the featured weapon of Poseidon, Greek God of the sea. Seattle should make this their permanent logo (again). Now let’s touch on a team that went the wrong direction with their Spring Training logo. And that’s the Tampa Bay Rays.


Hat Photo Courtesy of

Now the Rays didn’t really have a drastic change, like the Mariners did. Tampa Bay already uses their sunburst logo on their regular season hats. For Spring Training, the logo has a bit of a tweak, and is placed in the powder blue ballcap. Honestly, the sunburst doesn’t say much about the Rays. It doesn’t let you know who they are, or where they are from. Probably a stretch saying the sunburst “resembles a ray of sunshine”. But let’s face it, that’s a stretch. The team really needs an improvement on the image they are going to carry on their hat. If you have any ideas on what they could use, drop them in the comments below!

We at Awesome Sports Logos have our own two logos for the Grapefruit League.

First up, the Boca Raton Cougars


This minor league baseball team is named after the ferocious animal called the cougar. The overpopulation of cougars is prevalent mostly in the upscale Boca Raton neighborhoods. You can find cougars in shopping areas during the day, but mostly they are nocturnal beasts working the bar and club scene stalking their prey. They are ferocious except when they are on our super funny Boca Raton sports t-shirt. That’s when ferocity turns into awesomeness.

Next up it’s the Dade City Kumquats

DadeCityKumquatsEarthGreen Cool t-shirt

This citrus cousin of the Grapefruit fits in perfectly. You know this fruit is swinging for the fences and not a slap hitter. This logo name is a tribute to the Dade City Kumquat festival held each January. Go Kumquats!

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Our T-shirt of the Month Club is an Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift

I completely get it. It’s a busy time of year. We’re coming off the holiday season, the NFL Playoffs are making their way into the Super Bowl and you are sick of shopping. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here. You know that kind of but not real holiday where creativity points can go a long way.

Guys, you need to be ready. You need to be creative. She may say she doesn’t want anything but it’s worth it to disregard that request and get that mind thinking. Here’s why gents, she could for instance get you some of our awesome t-shirts as part of a T-shirt of the Month Club gift. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a guy.

Let’s show you some of our top sellers.

What if she got you Hookers on February 14th?


Especially if you are a fishing fanatic, this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Super soft with perfect placement of bobbers and hooks. If you think there isn’t any fishing around Las Vegas, there certainly is in Lake Mead. Largemouth Bass and Striped Bass are what the local anglers go after. I wouldn’t suggest fishing in the Bellagio Hotel Casino fountains. Even if you are wearing your Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club t-shirt, you won’t end up with a “Happy Ending”.

How about if you received the Cocksville Blockers?


You don’t want to be Cock Blocked on Valentine’s Day but you do want to wear this super soft t-shirt like Pitcher Derek Holland. Three time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson also looks great wearing his Blockers t-shirt.
Nothing says, “I dig you” like the Portland Tree Huggers


Tree Huggers love the forest and the environment. Is she expressing her love to you with this awesome t-shirt? You will get tons of laughs and the question, “Where did you get that shirt” every time you put it on. I wouldn’t want to mess with this sports logo. They say that players “drop the gloves” in hockey. Although this tree doesn’t have gloves, he looks like he is up for a fight. I would think it’s because he’s holding his cousin who was made into a stick.

We have so many logos to choose from in our T-shirt of the Month Club. The best part is, unlike other t-shirt monthly clubs, you pick the shirt. No guessing with this club and we offer a sweet discount and free shipping.

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For those of you that missed it, Happy Birthday Bootleggers! We just celebrated National Bootleggers Day! We’re still trying to figure out the celebration aspect of this day? Pour a little whiskey out to those in the past? Wear our favorite Nashville Bootleggers awesome t-shirt? First, lets dive into why January 17th celebrates the Bootleggers.


According to, January 17th is the birthday of Templeton Rye. On this day in 1920, the sale and manufacture of alcohol was banned. It’s also the day some outlaws in small town Iowa didn’t agree with the decision and began bootlegging Templeton. This product was also the favorite drink of notorious gangster Al Capone. Today is Capone’s Birthday as well. Capone was known for hiding out in various parts of Tennessee and was involved in the Bootlegging industry.

Where does the term “Bootlegging” come from? By most accounts, the word came to use in the 1880’s describing the method of concealing flasks of liquor in boot tops when going to trade with Indians. Makes sense to us.
The term has since taken on more of a romantic theme with whiskey lovers. Bootlegger is the name of bars, liquor stores, even restaurants. People are fascinated by mafia/gangster history and names like Capone, Lucky Luciano and Bugs Moran.

I also find it romantic and loved the term and it’s history. I wanted to find a city that fit the term and lifestyle and the awesome city of Nashville popped up. Not only is it a blossoming sports city with the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Vanderbilt and the AAA Nashville Sounds, “Music City USA”, is also a major pouring spot for Tennessee Whiskey which has a rich history of Bootlegging. I wanted to blend the two so I created a sports logo that looked like he had come from the mountains with a new stash. He’s giving anyone that gets in his way the Heisman and instead of cradling a football, he has a whiskey barrel firmly in his grasp. That’s what sports logos are all about, combining local history with that sport and a perfect name.


This is where the t-shirt met the real Heisman Trophy.

If you’re looking to celebrate National Bootleggers today may we suggest buying this super soft t-shirt. Better yet, make it one of your choices as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club. Great discounts, free shipping as part of the club.

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Rough Logo Week for the NFL’s Chargers

You ever look at something and wonder how organized it is? I think in this case, the hope was not to relocate but a decision had to be made. When they finally were forced to make it, the scramble was on.

Last year, the San Diego Chargers announced their intentions to move to Los Angeles. On January 12 of this year, a letter written by Dean A. Spanos, Owner – Chairman of the Board, appeared on the Chargers’ Twitter account, making the decision formal and official. With the release of this letter, came a new logo for the Los Angeles Chargers. Honestly, it was kind of a letdown. Let’s take a look.


What are your first thoughts? Many on social media thought the Los Angeles Dodgers logo and the Tampa Bay Lightning logo have some sort of little logo baby?” The Tampa Bay Lightning took notice and made reference to it. I mean, if you look at it, you can see how it looks like a merger between the two teams. I am a huge fan of simple looks but this just seems unoriginal. All too often, teams try too hard and go over the top. In this case, it seems as though this logo was thrown together. Many say this logo has been pulled and will not be their primary logo.

The Chargers went a little too simple here. It isn’t really the kind of jaw dropping image that you would expect a team who is relocating to bring to the table. Leaving a fan base, and trying to gain the attention of another, is a lot of work. You have to perform almost seamlessly in the transition, leaving no room for anyone to question your franchise. A sports logo as we’ve seen can create some serious buzz. This logo created buzz in the wrong direction. The Chargers have since reacted and aren’t saying that it’s their primary logo. Here is the other logo that they have unveiled which is currently their twitter avatar.


The Chargers won 13 divisional titles in San Diego, while in the National Football League. They had one Super Bowl appearance, which resulted in a 49-26 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in 1994. The Chargers spent 50 years in San Diego.

A big question remains, and that is the status of quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers was noted to be completely against the move to Los Angeles, and many sources expect him to request a trade. This wouldn’t be the first major quarterback controversy for the Chargers. Back in 2004, the Chargers were surely going to take Eli Manning with the first overall pick. Manning absolutely refused to play for the Chargers, even stating that he would sit out the entire 2004 season. He even went as far to say that he’d rather go to law school than play for the Chargers.

The Chargers weren’t doing so well going into the 2004 season, only managing to pull off four winning seasons since 1983. They did end up drafting Eli Manning, but quickly pulled off a trade to the New York Giants. In return for shipping off Manning, the Chargers got Philip Rivers, a 3rd round pick in 2004 and a 1st and 5th round pick in 2005. Hopefully, the Chargers won’t have another quarterback controversy on their hands.

Even though the Chargers seem to be going the wrong direction with their new look for LA, we have on particular logo that fits perfectly for their hometown. And that’s the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies!


This dog hybrid is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. A Chiweenie might look cute in purses, but we thought differently. This logo was actually created by our designer as a school project. Her assignment was to create a vicious logo out of a normally gentle creature. If we were her professor, we would have given her an A+ because this Chiweenies logo is awesome!

Once we saw it, we knew we had to add it to our t-shirt collection. We hope you agree with us and add this super soft Beverly Hills sports t-shirt to your wardrobe. Add it to your t-shirt of the month club order, and you can get this super soft tee (and many more) delivered right to your doorstep on the first of every month!

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Best New Sports Logos From 2016

This year has been amazing for the debut of some awesome sports logos. We began this company for a few reasons. The first is we love wearing super soft t-shirts, not shirts that could double as cardboard. The second and most important reason is that sports logos went through what we like to think of as a “vanilla” stage. A stage where many parent clubs were forcing a form of their logo across the minors to further create brand awareness. Logos were no longer localized highlighting the great history of that area. Our goal at Awesome Sports Logos was to bring back the fun and creativity to sports logos with our t-shirts. We wanted to be the opposite of the political correctness that was occurring.

Times have changed though and that’s because of you, the sports fan. You responded with the wallet scooping up merchandise from teams like the El Paso Chihuahuas which caused others to take notice.

So here are a few of the sports logos that we were happy to see debut in 2016.

The Norfolk Tides


Logos courtesy of

This was an awesome upgrade of a logo that needed an update. You don’t see any Seahorse sports logos so it’s one of a kind. Cool colors with a nice touch of Oriole orange to represent the parent club. You might miss this small nuance but check out the Trident the Seahorse is holding. A usual Trident has three prongs. This one is an “N” for Norfolk. Nice touch for an awesome logo.

The Savannah Bananas

This is an amazing story of how a sports logo fueled a franchise. When the logo made its debut, viral marketing took off. Pardon the pun but people were going “bananas” for their merchandise. With that came people supporting this local collegiate league franchise. Sell out crowds and a championship season followed. The Bananas are alive and well in Savannah!

The Hartford Yard Goats

Hard to believe that such an awesome sports logo had to play its complete first season on the road because their stadium wasn’t finished on time. A Yard Goat is actually from railroad yard slang. A great touch of this logo created by Brandiose is the colors. Green, Blue and White were the colors of the former NHL franchise in Hartford, the Whalers.

The New Orleans Baby Cakes


This logo only debuted a little over a month ago and I love it. While merchandise sales have picked up, there are many in New Orleans that loved the old name Zephyrs but in the teams defense, that name was carried over from when they played in Denver. What is a Baby Cake? A Baby Cake is a figurine found in King Cake during the Carnival Celebration season in New Orleans. A baby swinging a bat is all I need to love it.

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

The Jacksonville Suns needed a logo makeover and they certainly got one with the Jumbo Shrimp. You might not notice at first glance but the shrimp curls up to form a “J”. St. Johns Navy, Patriotic Blue, American Red and Shrimp make up the team’s new official colors, paying tribute to Jacksonville’s rich military heritage. Huge improvement in Jacksonville so we say, “Go Jumbo Shrimp!”

Those are a few of our favorite minor league logo changes. On the pro side, kudos to the Florida Panthers and their new NHL design.


2016 was an awesome year for Awesome Sports Logos and that is thanks to you. Here are our top 3 selling t-shirts.

The Cocksville Blockers


The Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club


The Arizona Pricks


Grab these 3 as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club. No better way to begin 2017 with a super soft closet favorite in your mailbox.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Sports Logo Spotlight on the San Francisco Swallows

This is one of our most talked about sports logos that we created and it truly has an amazing back story. So amazing that when I tell it, people accuse me of making it up. I wouldn’t do that! Okay, maybe I did make up a city and story for our Cocksville Blockers awesome t-shirt but just one made up city and logo out of 42 isn’t bad.

The Bay Area has some amazing heritage sports logos. From the Giants to the 49’ers to the Raiders and now the Golden State Warriors are building something special. This area is buzzing with passionate sports fans.

Now comes the San Francisco Swallows. I know what your first thought is and that’s what many find hilarious about the name but here is the true story behind the name and logo.

Here is the more detailed explanation. The White Swallow was a Clipper ship built in the Boston area back in 1853.

The Swallows primary mission was to travel from the east coast to California to support their booming trade. Here’s how this vessel became famous. In 1866, several members of the Swallows crew were arrested for mutiny. There was much more to the story. The crew of the Clipper ship were treated so harshly that two deaths occurred on the journey. The crew of the White Swallow had enough and took over the ship. During the trial many guests on the Swallow and some of the officers confessed the real story supporting the crew and their mutiny efforts. The case against the crew was dismissed.

For many years following many cases involving harsh working conditions were known as “White Swallow” cases.

We thought this was a fascinating story in Clipper history. Here is one of the original posters of the White Swallow.


Courtesy of Wikipedia

From this poster, we built our San Francisco Swallows sports logo. I love the combination of grey, blue with the slightest bit of yellow on the border to make it stand out. We offer this logo on a light baby blue and a light grey t-shirt.


The San Francisco Swallows, the perfect holiday gift for that t-shirt lover in your life. Better yet, combo our Swallows t-shirt with a few other of our closet favorites and get a better deal with our T-shirt of the Month Club.

Thanks as always for reading. Go Swallows!

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NASCAR’s Jimmy Johnson is the G.O.A.T

The racing history books keep adding victories and championships. Maybe since he just gets it done in a “business like” style, we forget how good Jimmy Johnson really is.

Earlier this month, Johnson won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. This is his seventh Championship win, and he ties NASCAR greats Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt for most titles in the sports 68-year history.

Johnson became a driver for Hendrick Motorsports, in the Sprint Cup series, in 2002. During his first full season racing with the big-time drivers, he finished fifth in Cup points. He finished second in 2003, 2004, and fifth in 2005. Johnson had an incredible first four years in NASCAR, and quickly made a splash as a popular driver amongst the fans. The next season would be the start of an amazing championship run for #48.

In 2006, Johnson ended the season with one pole, 13 top five finishes, 24 top ten finishes, and his first career championship title. He also took the prestigious Driver of the Year Award. It wasn’t over for Johnson, as he took home the Cup Championship again in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. He became NASCAR’s first and only five consecutive year champ.

Since he began, Johnson has recorded seven championships, 80 race wins, 219 top fives, 330 top tens, and 35 pole positions. He has won the Driver of the Year Award five times. In 2009, he became the first Nascar pilot to win The Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year Award. Johnson was also listed as No. 1 on’s Most Influential Athletes list in 2011 and 2012.

Johnson has become even more of a fan favorite over the years, lending his voice, image and likeness out in the world of pop culture. Johnson has made appearances in a few movies and television shows, as well as video games, magazines and even a music video. He’s got looks, charisma and a terrific public image.

One other awesome characteristic about Johnson is dedication. His crew chief Chad Knaus has been with him for 78 of his wins. It’s an amazing long term marriage of two amazing racing minds whose goal is to always strive to be better. This is in a series where numerous crew chief/driver relationships break up on a yearly basis.

We at Awesome Sports Logos are always trying to improve each year as well. We’re always studying cities and potential logos or current logos of pro sports teams in those cities. When we dove into Akron Ohio, we loved the concept we came up with.


Akron is the fifth largest city in Ohio and is also known as the Rubber Capital of the world, or “Rubber City”. At one point in the early 1920’s, Goodyear, Firestone and General Tire each had their headquarters in Akron and that’s how they got their anointed nickname. Goodyear is still based in the city.

Ferdinand Schumacher, the inventor of oatmeal and breakfast cereal, hails from Akron but we felt as though the Akron Oatmeal wouldn’t be a best seller. We do however feel as though the Akron Rubbers and our speedy tire logo on a super soft t-shirt will be a favorite.

We love the name and the history that surrounds our awesome Akron Rubbers sports logo. If you enjoy this Akron sports t-shirt, then add it to your t-shirt of the month club list! Once you get in the club, you can have a super soft tee at your doorstep on the first of every month!

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