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Can Whiskey Cure Blindness. It Did In This Case.

December 8, 2012

So trending worldwide right now on Yahoo is a story that had me clicking immediately. Whiskey cures blindness? At that moment I clicked, I swear I could hear glasses clicking together in a toast as people were rifling down their favorite spirit.

Here’s the real story. A man in New Zealand was blinded because of drinking way and we mean WAY too much vodka. He was also on diabetes medication. I’m just guessing that this wasn’t an Ivy League graduate. When doctors found 65 year old Denis Duthie, they realized that he had formaldehyde poisoning from too much methanol. What can stop methanol poisoning? That would be ethanol. Boy I’m really sounding smart right here. My chemistry teacher would be proud. Where is one of the places that ethanol can be found? That would be whiskey. Now bartenders, don’t try to play pharmacist because I have a feeling as this story spreads, so will blurry vision stories across establishments so they can get a free shot of the finest whiskey.Let’s remember, Mr. Duthie was in this situation in the first place due to too much drinking. My favorite part of this story is that he thought he had lost track of time because it was dark out even thought it was 3:30p. YIKES!!

So what have we learned from this? Whiskey cures blindness. I guess in a pinch. Call poison control or emergency services first before breaking out the Crown Royal or Jack Daniels. Hell Yes! Should we consider Denis Duthie among the great discoverers of our time? Hmm, let me see, Alexander Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Ben Franklin, Denis Duthie. I just don’t see a statue being created Denis, I’m sorry. Great stories like this give us an absolutely lame excuse to talk about our awesome t-shirts and today it is whiskey related. Here is a t-shirt that will have everyone asking where you got it. It’s the Nashville Bootleggers!

NashvilleBootleggersEarthGreen   NashvilleBootleggersPigmentMustard  NashvilleBootleggersAlternateRust

 Bootlegging is a fascinating story with a ton of history in Tennessee. Nashville is one of the coolest cities in the United States. The “Music City” is a must visit to take in an amazing atmosphere. If you love country music, great food and friendly people, I can’t think of a better place. Our logo is of a Bootlegger on the run giving “The Heisman” to anyone that gets in his way. Instead of carrying a football, this bootlegger is carrying a barrel of his favorite whiskey. Here’s a picture of our Nashville Funny T-shirt getting its picture taken with the real Heisman Trophy.


Learn from Mr. Duthie and be careful this holiday season. Be careful with your alcohol consumption and don’t drink and drive.

There is still time to get your holiday orders in. Our t-shirts are great white elephant or secret santa gifts. Then again, you’ll be giving up one of our t-shirts for a cheese wheel. Just buy the t-shirt and keep it for yourself!

Thanks for reading!!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer

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