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Two New Awesome T-shirts to Start 2013

January 21, 2013

We always wondered why there aren’t more Octopus sports logos? Well there is now! Introducing the California Crazy Eights, also known as the California Ocho Locos. Off the coast of the Golden State on the Pacific Ocean floor is an eight-legged creature that is truly fascinating. Most common is the California Two-Spot Octopus. In case you’re ever asked to identify a Two-Spot, just point out… well, never mind, no one will ask you. We love this awesome t-shirt. This octopus means business. Only two tenticals are occupied with a ball and a bat, and that means you better keep an eye on the other six!

Crazy-Eight-Dark-Coal Awesome t-shirt Crazy-Eight-Ivory cool t-shirt Ocho-Locos-Dark-Coal Cool t-shirt Ocho-Locos-Ivory Awesome t-shirt

Unlike Detroit, don’t toss this Octopus on the ice, he’s holding a bat. To check out the California Crazy Eights, The California Ocho Locos and all of our other funny sports t-shirts, be sure to check out our complete collection at


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