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Funny T-shirt Review of The San Francisco Swallows

April 19, 2013

The Giants have won two World Series. The 49’ers are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. The Golden State Warriors are in the playoffs. The A’s are off to a hot start. San Francisco and the Bay Area is one of the hottest sports regions in the United States. There’s a new team in town. We introduce you to the San Francisco Swallows. Even though it’s just a sports logo, The San Francisco Swallows is one of the hottest sellers from Awesome Sports Logos.

This awesome logo has great history behind it.The White Swallow was a clipper ship built in 1853 to transport cargo from New York and Boston to San Francisco. In 1865, mutiny on the ship would make the clipper ship famous. The crew claimed harsh working conditions when put on trial and were acquitted. For many years after that, the name “White Swallow” was famous in northern California legal circles when the subject of harsh working conditions was brought up. From this history, the San Francisco Swallows were born. With great colors and a cool tshirt that is so soft that you can clean your sunglasses, adding a San Francisco Swallows awesome t-shirt to your collection is greatness!

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