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Awesome Sports Logos Uncovers Hidden Gems in Key West

August 19, 2013

It’s an Awesome Sports Logos greeting after returning from Key West Florida which is the southernmost point of the continental United States.

I took my wife on vacation but I’m also on the lookout for those hidden gem sports logos. You know those logos that bring out that smile? Well, they bring a smile to me but I’m a sports logo nerd.

This Conch Republic which it’s also called has actually produced some pretty good baseball players including 2004 Rookie of the Year Khalil Greene, current Cincinnati pitcher Bronson Arroyo who grew up in Old Town Key West and last but certainly not least, two time World Series Champion and 1970 AL MVP Boog Powell.

Greene and Powell attended Key West High School home of the Key West Fighting Conchs. I absolutely love this name. While it would have been awesome to have a cartoon like Conch, the name carries enough weight to make it an Awesome Sports Logo. Check out this mascot!

This name also makes sense. Conchs are not the easiest to get out of their shell. Conchs are used in all kinds of recipes. You might also remember Conch from the Lord of the Flies or when you steal the remote control from your partner.

Several Single A baseball teams have attempted to play in Key West in Wickers Stadium including the Key West Padres who were managed by legendary baseball personality Don Zimmer. Jimmy Buffet has a huge interest in bringing minor league baseball back to the Keys. Just seems like too small of an island to support sports on a regular basis.

We love all logos, not just sports and we found some real cool gems in Key West.  I love this sign.


Sometimes the best part of a logo is its name. Now I’m pretty proud of our funny sports t-shirts and the names that we’ve come up with but none of them match the claim of this dessert only restaurant.

Now you can’t go to Key West without hitting the southernmost point in the continental United States. This buoy actually hasn’t been around for too long. They created this tourist attraction in 1983 due to the fact that all of the southernmost signs were being stolen. The line was pretty darn long so we decided to take our own picture right in front of it. Check out the Idaho Taters funny sports t-shirt. That’s a long way away from Idaho!


The most amazing part is how clear the water is in Key West. I’d highly recommend going on the Blue Planet Kayak Eco Tour. You truly get a great view of the water as you weave through mangroves and shallow waters that regular boats can’t go near.  Trust me, they didn’t pay me to write about them but they were cool guys and we love supporting small businesses with great customer service because that’s what we pride ourselves on.

Here I am holding a real live Conch on the tour.  Here’s a great view from a sandbar on the tour.

I figured we were on the water so it was a good excuse to wear our Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club funny sports t-shirt.

If you are a history buff, you need to check out The Truman Little White House. This was the summer office of Harry S. Truman but it’s also a current presidential site meaning that Presidents and other high ranking of members of our government still conduct business at this location. The tour guides are awesome and you stand next to tables where negotiations between countries have taken place and the desk where Harry Truman created the Air Force. Now that’s awesome! Here I am in front of the Little White House wearing our Tequila Worms soccer t-shirt.

 And what’s a trip to Florida without trying to track down some Cougars. We certainly got a lot of looks wearing this Florida T-shirt.

 The verdict is that Key West is an extremely unique, awesome place with tasty restaurants, a cool kind of island quirkiness and some really cool history.  Thanks to each and every one of you for supporting our t-shirts.  Key Lime Pie on me next time I see you!  You guys are awesome!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer

Awesome Sports Logos T-shirts

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