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The Best Cactus Tshirt You Will Ever See

July 4, 2014

I love releasing new sports logos. I love picking a region, doing the research and coming up with a game plan. Remember, the key to a great sports logo is embracing the region. Anyone can be the Bears or the Tigers.


I’ve always wanted to do a logo about Arizona which is one of my favorite states. I was truly shocked at the lack of sports teams incorporating cactus into their sports logos. We did find the Surprise Saguaros of the Arizona Fall baseball league.



 I like the colors but this is as basic as it gets for a sports logo.

 A lot of sports logos in Arizona use the cactus as part of their logo like the now defunct Tucson Padres.

 As for using Cactus in the name, it’s rare, until we came along. Innuendo is what we pride ourselves on and we think we’ve come up with a doozy. When you look at various pictures of cactus, you come across a specific kind of prickly species scientifically named Echinopsis lageniformis. We like to simply refer to it as a cocktus. You can take it from there.



Special thanks to for the picture


The resemblance is striking and we needed to make it into a sports logo but how? The idea was finalized thanks to recent World Cup craze and the Arizona Pricks Futbol Club was born.


The two cactus balls are replaced with soccer balls. You can tell what it is but our goal is not to make sports logos that are not captain obvious. If people are laughing and saying that it’s clever, we’ve done our job. It’s awesome to get to the edge of the line and work some cool innuendo into the mix. It’s regional to Arizona and we couldn’t be happier. Join the Arizona Pricks Futbol club by picking up our latest awesome t-shirt.


Go Pricks!


Thanks as always for reading,


Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, Arizona Pricks T-shirt Wearer

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