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Sports Logo Spotlight on Oklahoma State University

September 28, 2014
The Oklahoma State ‘OSU’ logo isn’t spectacular but on a scale from Justin Bieber (not cool) to Justin Timberlake (really cool), it is Adam Levine (pretty cool).
There’s nothing fantastic about any element of this logo but it’s all kind of solid. Black and orange isn’t my favorite color combination, but it works well and definitely stands out in the Big 12, different in richness in tone from Texas’ orange. On a national level, though, I’m not sure if it’s at the head of the orange and black table. That’s not a passive way of saying it isn’t–I just don’t know.
Whether it’s specifically “maize” and blue or a similar yellow and blue, that combo has national recognition in association with Michigan. It’s a national brand, in that way. Burnt orange works the same way with Texas just like green and yellow is getting there–if it isn’t already, with Oregon.
That status is dependent upon athletic success, which the “Pokes” have had. They were in the driver’s seat for a BCS Championship game berth before a late-season loss derailed their hopes. Their basketball program’s arguably been more successful over the last few years, too. Each program’s had marquee players (Marcus Smart and Dez Bryant to name one from each) which furthers the school’s visibility.
Yet, for some reason, I’m not certain the black and orange evokes a call to the Cowboys, nationally. Why? Halloween? Honestly. Does that make it difficult?
Anyway, moving on…
The three-dimensional lettering creates a slight shadow that complements the coloring well, wrapping up color talk.
My favorite element is the hidden imagery in the lettering. See it? Each end of the ‘S’ extends and forms a gun, a signature prop of the western Cowboy mascot. It’s also the way they shape their ‘S’ when spelling out O-S-U in the same way people gyrate to spell Y-M-C-A. Instead of looping their ‘S’ gyration, they mock their logos shape, making it “Walk Like An Egyptian”-esque.
3.5/5.0. Good. Not great. Levine, but not Timberlake.
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Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist

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