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The NFL Proves That Simplicity in Their Logos Can Produce Big Time Results

October 18, 2014
The NFL gets away with a lot on and off the field. From controversial rule changes to a Commissioner who has seemingly lost almost all support publicly due to a lack of integrity, and marquee players in the center of shocking and cringe-worthy legal troubles, the “Shield” ticks forward because each weekend we’re reminded of its amorous poison. On a different level way more South on the totem pole, the league gets away with some of the most simple logos among the major professional sports.
The Packers, Bears, Giants, and 49ers are primarily represented by letters–or just one letter. Kansas City’s got an arrow around its letters and the Bengals at least have tiger-shading, while the Jets simply have an oval.
The Cowboys (star), Colts (horseshoe), Chargers (lightning bolt), and Saints (fleur-de-lis) are represented by an individual non-animal item and the Browns are represented by…an orange helmet?
Sure, some of these teams have secondary logos with more pizazz while others have rich, complex history. Att the end of the day, the league is packed with logos we’d consider dull without the association to that team, and there are those we consider dull even still.
If you just showed me a star then I’d think: “and…?” but connect it with the Cowboys’ history and it adds a sexy appeal. But at least the Cowboys make sense. A Cowboy and Texas go together and a single star in the Lone Star State works. But the Colts came from Baltimore and while I like the jerseys and, really, the logo, too, it’s just so…boring.
Why do we not want more elaborate logos? I thought about it and came to one conclusion: helmets.
Numbers are so big on jerseys and end zones are mainly about letters which leaves helmets. And helmets are small, not welcoming to detailed and elaborate images. So we accept simplicity and move along because, well, it’s football and that’s how we respond to the most secure sport of those that we consume.
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Thanks as always for reading,
Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos

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