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The History Behind the Montreal Canadiens Logo

January 22, 2015
The Montreal Canadiens franchise is one of hockey’s most storied. Founded in 1904, the Canadiens have won the coveted Stanley Cup a record 24 times with legends like Maurice Richard, Jacques Plante, and Patrick Roy, among others, donning their classic jersey.
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The Montreal Canadiens’ logo has evolved over time, but the foundation of their current look was established in 1916, according to the team’s website. The change, according to the site, is linked to the team’s purchase by then-owner, George Kennedy. Prior to the change in 1916, the Canadiens jersey was altered seven previous times over a seven-year period.
Ultimately, the logo they settled on is pretty neat, very simple, a little mysterious, and very recognizable.
The nickname is a direct source of pride, especially for a team in a league now dominated by American teams, and there’s something cool about that. But it’s only the second coolest part of this whole deal.
In the middle of the ‘C’ is an ‘H.’ This provided much confusion for me before I stopped being lazy and searched its meaning many moons ago. Unfortunately, that search did me no good because for years I bought into a logo myth that the “H” stands for “Habs,” or, “Les habitants.” That’s the informal name given to New France, a region of Canada colonized by the French in the 16th century. Thus, the myth suggests the “H” pays homage to their French roots.
However, it isn’t that complicated. Thanks to the logo don himself, Gavin Spittle, I learned the much simpler reality: the “H” stands for hockey. And, had my fancy google search included the Canadiens’ web site, I would have learned that earlier.
Prior to the “H,” older renditions of their logo actually had an “A” inside the elongated “C,” which is a staple of their modern and historical look.
The ‘C’ is the main element of the logo and it’s pretty simple. While I’m not sure if this has any intent, the stretched shape resembles a rink. The coloring and lining avoids clutter but looks sharp. The red bounces off well with the touches of blue and white.
In past posts I’ve identified the importance of winning to a good logo. It doesn’t make or break a look, but it helps add something. When we see a logo from one of the most successful franchises in sports, it evokes that winning thought. The Canadiens fit into that category and thus, so does their logo.
While it lacks anything particularly lavish, it is simply, yet detailed, and helps tell a story important to the team. I give this “Original Six” logo an 8.5 out of 10.
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Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist
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