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Shades of Grey The T-shirt Edition

February 16, 2015

Behind the door was temptation. So many options, so many thoughts running through their head. They both agreed to go for it, ripped open the door to see nothing but the softest grey t-shirts with the coolest designs.

C’mon, you didn’t think we were writing our own version of 50 Shades of Grey did you? We’re talking about our t-shirts and several of our sports logos look awesome in grey.  Just like the book and the movie, let’s get to the juicy part.

The Savannah Seamen

Savannah is one of this country’s largest seaports therefore lots and lots of Seamen can be seen in this coastal city. This baseball logo is sure to be an attention grabber when worn.

The Cocksville Blockers

Our most popular selling t-shirt. Cocksville is our only made up city but the name was too good not to use.

The Houston Gushers

Houston is all about the oil. We love this retro logo with a wooden derrick and a baseball gushing out of the top.

The Akron Rubbers

Akron is also known as the Rubber Capital of the World or Rubber City. A lot of tires are born in Akron and this sports logo embraces this huge industry in Ohio’s 5th largest city.

The Albuquerque Chupacabras

We don’t want to be the one to see a Chupacabra in person. We had a person email us to let us know that our design looked nothing like a Chupacabra. We were too nice to ask for advice on future sports logos of Big Foot, the Loch Ness monster and a Yeti. The bottom line is that our love for the name Chupacabra and Albuquerque is plenty to create this super soft t-shirt.

The Boca Raton Cougars

Cougars prowl at night in this Florida city. I love this silhouette baseball sports logo.

The California Crazy Eights and the California Ocho Locos


Another baseball logo, this time from the Golden State. The California coast is one of the few places in this country where you can find the Octopus. Get yourself some Crazy Eights!!

Colosos De Tumba Muerto

This was the original team in the Panamanian Basketball League. Tumba Muerto is a section of Panama City and this logo of a Giant is part of our Panamanian Basketball League collection.

The Lexington Studs

Who doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt that proclaims their a stud? This super soft beauty is in honor of the great race tracks throughout Kentucky including historic Keeneland in Lexington.

The London Beefeaters

We head overseas to the great city of London where the Beefeaters protect the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Cricket is a popular sport in England except it’s a wood ball and they don’t use gloves to catch. Ouch!

The San Francisco Swallows

This is truly an awesome story.  The White Swallow was a clipper ship built in 1853 to transport cargo from New York and Boston to San Francisco. In 1865, mutiny on the ship would make the clipper ship famous. The crew claimed harsh working conditions when put on trial and were acquitted. The captain and his crew were found guilty. For many years after that, the name “White Swallow” was famous in northern California legal circles when the subject of harsh working conditions was brought up. Were you thinking the Swallows were named for something else?

So we don’t offer 50 shades of grey but we have 12 so we’re getting closer. If you like several of these t-shirts, you can always join our popular t-shirt of the month club. We discount the t-shirts and shipping is free. Now that’s super sexy!!

On a serious note, all of us at Awesome Sports Logos truly appreciate you. You guys are awesome for your support.

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo and T-shirt Lover

Awesome Sports Logos

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