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The Pro’s and Con’s of a Lifetime Pete Rose Ban

December 23, 2015

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced his decision regarding Pete Rose. After 26 years, the game’s all-time hits leader is still banned from baseball. The debate continues, as people from both sides of the arguments clash, via social media and news outlets. It seems as if the baseball world is divided: let Petey back in, or keep him banned for life.

Reports swirled in 1989, claiming that Rose bet on baseball games. On August 24, 1989, Pete Rose voluntarily accepted permanent ineligibility. Since his ban, numerous reports have come out stating that Rose only placed bets during his management tenure, and only that his team would win. No facts were ever discovered that he placed bets on his team to lose.

The fact that he bet on his team to win, presents a strong argument for the “Pro-Rose” members. Who doesn’t bet on their team to win? Whether the bet is cold hard cash, or just a simple thought to yourself, managers are counting on their teams to win.

On the other hand, the “Anti-Rose” members are outraged that he would commit such an atrocity. Fans felt that he violated their trust, and the morals of baseball. Whether he bet for or against his team, betting was wrong. Some fans feel that he knew it was such a terrible atrocity, since he willingly agreed to accept the lifetime ban. By accepting it, he was silently admitting his crimes, and should therefore stay banned for life.

Aside from these two viewpoints, there is a third group of thinkers. This group wonders what will happen to the players who used PEDs? Will those players, who obtained their records and stats with the help of illegal substances, get to be in the Hall of Fame? Will those players get to be a part of baseball’s highest honor?

No matter what side of the argument you take, the facts still remain the same. Pete Rose is still officially banned, for life, from Major League Baseball. At 74 years old, Pete Rose may never see a commissioner lift the ban in his lifetime. He may literally be blocked from the game for life.

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Blake Cole

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