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Emoji Invasion Tonight on Twitter

February 14, 2016

Twitter is about to be attacked tonight. Not hacked, don’t worry but your timeline will be a little different and you might wonder why so many posts have different emoji’s attached to them. More than just a smiley face or a thumbs up.

Earlier this week, the NBA unveiled Twitter emoji’s as part of fan MVP voting. For those that are still wondering what an emoji, an example of an emoji is those smiley faces or other small logos that people put at the end of a tweet or a text. An emoji is basically a logo and the NBA deserves credit for doing this. Twitter timelines will be filled with these emoji’s and each will be a reminder to turn on the festivities. 

Sidebar, I wish they had done an Emoji for the All Star Game logo which we gave a great review to earlier this week. Toronto is an awesome city and full credit needs to be given to this international favorite!


Here are your West MVP Emoji’s



Emoji’s courtesy of the NBA


To me, the most identifiable in these are James Harden with the signature beard and Anthony Davis with the Unibrow. I don’t think I’d think of Kobe Bryant if I saw a snake. Chris Paul’s is easily recognizable because of the CP3 nickname. Of no fault of Paul’s is that bland new Clippers logo that is part of the emoji. 


On to the Eastern Conference



Clearly King James is tops on this list. If I see his emoji, I automatically think of King James. I like the emoji for Dwyane Wade. The emoji is very simple but effective with the Heat logo coming from his number. Carmelo Anthony’s emoji looks like he is lacking interest in this game and with the most recent trade rumors, the emoji might not be far off. Some other nice touches is the drum for Andre Drummond and the Celtics shamrock is always identifiable, probably more than their all-star representative Isaiah Thomas. 


There are even emoji’s of the TNT crew.



It’s Pretty amazing how popular the hosts of NBA on TNT are but it comes down to the personalities and the on air chemistry they share. I love the food emoji’s of Shaq and Charles Barkley. I know if you see a drumstick, you won’t think of Shaq and you might think of Homer Simpson if you see a donut with a bite in it but these guys are actually bigger than the sport. The most recognizable emoji’s of this bunch are the Craig Sager colorful tie and the Ernie Johnson bow tie. 


So don’t be surprised if your twitter timeline is filled with emoji’s. It’s a nice twist by the NBA and a great way to get the younger generation involved. Let’s give kudos to the Association for giving this a try. 


Thanks as always for reading. We love to talk about sports logos even if they are in emoji form. You can always support us by picking up one of our t-shirts or even better, get yourself a nice discount and some future closet favorites by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. The club comes with free shipping, a customized certificate and the best part unlike other t-shirt clubs, you get to pick from our selection of over 42 styles! Now that’s awesome!!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo and T-shirt Lover

Awesome Sports Logos

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